So I wanted to post some of my prom pictures from 2012 because… Well, just because all of the people posting their prom pictures on here are making me reminiscent. So, here they are. These were taken by our neighbor (at the time) who is a professional photographer, so I guess you could call them professional, even though we didn’t pay for them.

After a few like these we decided the glasses were hindering the beauty, so, even though I couldn’t see, and I was standing in four inch heels in the woods, we took them off.

I really like these, where I’m looking up. Makes me think of like a fantasy character.

It was at this time my step-dad would make comments like “make love to the tree, be the tree, you are the tree.”

At this moment my step-dad made an inappropriate comment about the slightly sexy pose I was in. Cue uncomfortable laughter.

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